Jacob Dalton, from Dj to Ghost Producer:

Jacob Dalton comes from humble beginnings born and raised in Colorado. Dabbling in music at a very young age, his first endeavor was forming a band when he was just in the 5th grade. As his passion for music grew, his friends and family discouraged him from pursuing music which pushed him to pursue his dream harder.

During his teen years and into his twenties, he dabbled in several ventures trying to find his place in the music world. While DJ’ing as a solo act, Jacob partnered with a peer to be cofounder of a production group called Arisduhkats. The idea behind creating Arisduhkats was just to play music without “politics or kissing ass” just to get a time slot. As his production group gained popularity, he started touring playing from stages at small clubs to larger venues. While he enjoyed getting the exposure and recognition there was something still missing. He knew that there was much more on the horizon for him.

Jacob was driven to learn, create and produce his own compositions, with a vision to someday play original music instead of playing other artists music at venues or even creating beats for other artists. At this juncture in his life, he knew he had to leave the production company and find his own way. While searching for that missing link in his life, he continued to DJ shows and raves. Jacob continued to make dance music, while performing at various venues. Burnt out from playing for other artist music and not getting ahead with his own vision he pushed through the barriers of all the negativity and “nah sayers” around him.  Taking to isolation in his studio, Jacob dove into his work creating beat after beat unknowing how deep the rabbit hole may go. Without funding or support this is when he discovered his learning platform would be You Tube, music theory books and engineer manuals all on his own. This was the pivoting moment in his music genre, from club music to hip hop by accident.

In 2012, he created his company “Count Em Out”. This company was born out of his need to do things professionally and brand himself as a serious music producer. He continued to struggle with some of his inner demons and the challenges presented to him, not having any financial backing, working two jobs, and create numerous get rich quick companies over the years. Making music late into the night and struggling to make ends meet, it was not until 2016 when he put himself in an environment beyond his comfort level dealing with executives in the private jet world who felt he had something special to offer. His music was requested to be played at an event that only the top who’s who of the private jet world were being entertained. This was a true eye opener for Jacob, receiving nothing but positive feedback from unbiased ears bringing back a jolting spark.

In 2017, he decided to move to California knowing he had given his all in Colorado. He knew if he wanted to be taken seriously about his music and be amongst his peers in a competitive industry, he would have to make a drastic change. Already sacrificed his family and friends for this dream, his arrival in California was a milestone. Jacob spent endless days and nights through the summer of 2017 creating his first self released album. While encountering several challenges he has made adjustments and always kept his focus on the prize to showcase his talent. The album that was created “not for the fans” but for those in the entertainment industry who listen to music from behind the scene. Hear the talent and ask yourself this question “Can I have him produce a tune for an needed artist, upcoming movie, or a product launch”? etc.  

The first released album “Not For the Fans” embodies his creativity, heart, talent and passion. It has been produced solely by Jacob Dalton who has never wavered from following his dream, no matter how hard the journey may have been. His disappointment’s, sacrifice’s and hardships have led him to where he always knew he belonged…in the music world playing in the major league.  
Jacob Dalton remains true to himself and continues to make music for the world to embrace his talent. Look for his latest releases, as he continues to produce new and amazing music. Jacob will continue to touch many genres, pushing his artistic boundaries.


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